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Services we can offer at Savage Inspection Services


In the workshop there is a small Bench Unit, of 30cm between heads, which has A/C, D/C, and Mag Flow capabilities. This unit is set in a booth with an Ultraviolet light, enabling both normal contrast and Fluorescent ink examination of small components to be undertaken.

Permanent Magnets and 110 Volt A/C electromagnetic yokes are also available for examination of welds and components both on site and in the workshop. In order to minimise inconvenience our Yokes are battery powered but still provide an A/C magnetic field through 12V Inverters.

In order to be as Eco-friendly as possible water based black inks are used, but still with aerosol white contrast aid paint.

For the on-site inspection of some small machined components we have a portable ultraviolet lamp and fluorescent inks which can be utilised in a suitable darkened room.



For site work Water removable visible red dyes would normally be utilised, but we have Fluorescent penetrants available for even more sensitive examinations should your specifications require it.

In our workshop environment we can use either visible or fluorescent dyes, having a suitable dust storm cabinet and viewing booth, should you require the use of fluorescent penetrant.



A 200 Kv x-ray set enables Plate weld and Pipe weld examinations to be undertaken in the Laboratory. The maximum thickness that can be examined by this means is about 40 mm. of steel, or 50 mm. of light alloys.



As all our technicians hold CSWIP Welding Inspector qualification your Welder and Welding Procedure approvals can be undertaken, as well as providing a full weld quality inspection service.

We are currently working towards achieving UKAS accreditation for these functions to provide compliance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and the needs of the Welding Quality Management System for Steelwork fabricators.


Weld examinations

The digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector used has the capability of producing hard copy printouts of any defect indications, as well as “echo-dynamic envelope” printouts.

Thickness Gauging

Thickness readings can be taken through paint coatings with our Cygnus Thickness Gauge, thereby eliminating the need for paint removal where the coating is in good condition. Approvals are held from DNV and GL for Ship Thickness Measurements.

Forgings, Wrought Products and Bar Stock.

As well as PCN qualifications in Radiography, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant inspections our Senior Technician holds a PCN qualification for the Ultrasonic examination of Forgings, Wrought products and Bar stock, enabling us to undertake examination of your samples if you only need a piece certified as defect free, or to supply from stock to a customer who requires this examination.


Our current client base comprises companies as diverse as Fugro Seacore Ltd, fabricating drilling rigs of a very high standard for use all over the world, to Redhall Engineering Solutions Ltd upgrading the facilities and Fuel Storage Tanks at the Valero Petroleum depot in Plymouth. We have undertaken work for large National companies such as Lorne Stewart Plc and Mitie Engineering Ltd. as well as for private individuals and much smaller local businesses. Our projects have included Nuclear Refueling equipment manufactured by PTG Precision Engineering Ltd. in Plymouth, floating walkways for the Gwynt-y-mor offshore wind farm near Birkenhead for Metalcraft (Cornwall) Ltd. in Penryn and refits on large car transport ships used by Grimaldi Lines in Falmouth Docks. We have also undertaken hull surveys for local Ship surveyors as well as a bridge refurbishment for Cornwall Council.